Model: VS-1202/ VS-2022/ VS-1000RC/RF

Features Highlights :

  • Projection Size 70"~120"(VS-1202, VS-1000RC/RF)/ 120"~200"(VS-2022)
  • Maximum Light Output 700 lumen
  • High Horizontal Resolution from 800 to 1100 lines
  • Horizontal Frequency 15.75kHz
  • 3 pieces of 7" Liquid Cooled CRT with Optical Lens(VS-1202/2022) and 1 piece 5.5" Liquid Cooled CRT with Optical Lens(VS-1000RC/RF)
  • A variety of Input Signals for various models like RGB, Y/C video, composite video, S-Video

Model: VS-1281E

Features Highlights :

  • Multi System
  • Wide Projection Size(70"~300")
  • High Light Output(900 lumen)
  • High Horizontal Resolution(1600x1200)
  • Auto Scan Frequency(Horizontal: 15~103kHz, Vertical: 40~150Hz)
  • Flexible Optical Coupling Lens
  • Full Digital Convergence
  • Automatic Convergence(optional)
  • A variety of Input Signals like RGB, Y/C video, composite video, PC/workstation.

Model: LVP-X100

Features Highlights :

  • True XGA (1024 x 768) resolution
  • High Brightness 600 ANSI lumens
  • Auto Scan 15 to 81 KHz (Horizontal frequency)
  • Electrically controlled Zoom/Focus/Keystone Correction
  • Direct connection to both PC (Windows based - PC, Machintosh, Work Station) and VCR (NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, SECAM, S-VHS)
  • Built-in stereo speckers
  • Multi Languages on Screen Menu

New Features:

1. Built-in PCMCIA (Flash Memory Card) Driver
2. Multi Display Function (Picture In Picture/Expansion)
3. Multi Function Remote control

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